Nanjing – Confucius Temple

I've visited several Confucius Temples in China, for example one just the other week in Suzhou. These are primarily centres of learning and reverence to the famous Chinese teacher and scholar Confucius. The Confucius Temple in Nanjing is definitely one of my favourites, in terms of the traditional architecture, layout and colours. As usual, a … Continue reading Nanjing – Confucius Temple


Nanjing – Linggu Temple

After visiting Sun Yat-Sen's mausoleum, I then took the shuttle bus (10 RMB) to another attraction on Purple Mountain - the Linggu Temple. I really enjoyed the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere in this section of the mountain - which not only contains the temple itself but also several other small attractions in a large forested park. … Continue reading Nanjing – Linggu Temple

Nanjing – Sun Yat-Sen’s Mausoleum

Sun Yat-Sen was the revolutionary leader who bought down the Qing Dynasty, ending forever the feudal monarchy system of China. This mausoleum is not only his tomb, but also a celebration of the many struggles and achievements of his life. Probably the main feature tourists will notice is the sheer number of steps you are … Continue reading Nanjing – Sun Yat-Sen’s Mausoleum

Nanjing – City Wall Walk

From the Jiming Temple, I walked along a section of the old city wall. This wall originally circled the whole city, both protecting and containing it's inhabitants. Originally built during the Tang Dynasty, most parts were rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty and still remain today. This section of the wall is particularly unique in that … Continue reading Nanjing – City Wall Walk

Nanjing – Jiming Temple

This active Buddhist temple is one of the oldest in Nanjing, and really worth visiting. I found it to be quite different to many of the other temples in China, with it's bright yellow-orange walls and unusual layout. The temple is centred around a tall tower-like structure, but with the other buildings somewhat haphazardly clustered around … Continue reading Nanjing – Jiming Temple

Nanjing – Bell Tower

Every walled city in China traditionally had drum and bell towers to sound the start and end of curfew each night. Unfortunately, the drum tower appeared to be closed, but I was able to have a look at the bell tower, which was incredibly small compared to others I've seen elsewhere in China! This small … Continue reading Nanjing – Bell Tower

Nanjing – Fuzimiao Cultural Street

This lovely (albeit rather tacky) shopping street really comes alive at night, with bright lights illuminating the old-style buildings, boats floating along the river, and even an impressive dance performance. It was, however, absolutely packed - this seems to be the place in Nanjing to come and enjoy local snacks, celebrate Chinese culture and buy … Continue reading Nanjing – Fuzimiao Cultural Street