Suzhou – Ke Garden

Having visited the famous Humble Administrator's Garden yesterday, today I headed out to a much less well known garden in Suzhou - the Ke Garden. I was pleasantly surprised with this lovely garden. Smaller in size, it is none the less full of lovely paths, cute pagodas and small ponds. In particular, I loved the foliage - huge … Continue reading Suzhou – Ke Garden


Suzhou – Confucius Temple

One thing I've noticed traveling around China is the presence of Confucius Temples in almost ever city I've visited. These are in honour of one of China's most celebrated scholars and teachers - Confucius, and act as historic centres of teaching and learning, rather than performing a strict religious function (although people do come to pay … Continue reading Suzhou – Confucius Temple

Suzhou – Pan Gate

The Pan Gate is the only remaining ancient city gate in Suzhou (others, such as the one I saw yesterday) are apparently mostly rebuilt. The Pan Gate sits within the ancient city wall which once surrounded the walled city of Suzhou - nowadays only fragments remain. Rather than just being a gate you can look … Continue reading Suzhou – Pan Gate

Suzhou – Ancient Moat Ring Fitness Trail

Despite its rather glamorous name, this is essentially just a lovely walking route along the river. I started from RenMinJie (People's Street, the main North-South street in Suzhou), walking westwards for around 20 minutes in order to reach the famous Pan Gate. I particularly enjoyed this chance to get off the main roads (which tend … Continue reading Suzhou – Ancient Moat Ring Fitness Trail

Suzhou – Canglang Pavilion

After a relaxing stroll in the Ke Garden, I headed to the neighbouring Canglang Pavilion, which is conveniently included in the same entrance ticket price. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Canglang Pavilion is a fantastic example of the ancient gardens in Suzhou - in fact, it has over 1000 years of history! I … Continue reading Suzhou – Canglang Pavilion

Suzhou – Pingjiang Cultural Street

This lovely little street runs alongside a small river near the centre of Suzhou. Named a "cultural street" or "historic street" because of the typical ancient houses lining the street, there are also many modern features such as small bridges and mini pagodas - making it a very charming pedestrian street. All along the street … Continue reading Suzhou – Pingjiang Cultural Street

Suzhou – Ancient City Gate

Like many ancient Chinese cities, Suzhou was once surrounded by a city wall. Sadly most of it has since been destroyed, however there are a few odd gates remaining around the city. After getting off the boat from a River Tour, I found myself mysteriously in front of one such gate - unfortunately I have … Continue reading Suzhou – Ancient City Gate