Taiyuan: Twin Pagodas

The symbol of Taiyuan, the twin pagodas stand in the Yongzuo Temple on a small hill to the east of the city. I had a few hours to spare between trains in the city - perfect for a quick visit. From the entrance, you first walk through a small courtyard, containing some vaguely interesting museum … Continue reading Taiyuan: Twin Pagodas


Shanxi Provincial Museum

This museum is perplexingly huge - just to get inside we had to walk up several flights of stairs and around the outside, a route that took several minutes to walk. Inside however, it seemed mostly empty space - with large empty hallways and stairwells. That weird emptiness aside, there was certainly a lot of … Continue reading Shanxi Provincial Museum

Jinci Temple Complex

My first impression of this place was being overwhelmed by its sheer size. The (admittedly rather brief) look I'd had online implied it was just a single temple with a few famous halls, built and expanded continuously between the Sui and Qing Dynasties... which was true I guess... but more warning about the sheer amount … Continue reading Jinci Temple Complex