Athens – concluding remarks

I've just returned back from four days based in Athens, Greece, and thought I'd share my thoughts and top tips on the city. Initial Impressions I have to admit, initially I felt that Athens seemed like a standard European city but a bit grubby around the edges. Aside from the archeological sights and museums, there … Continue reading Athens – concluding remarks


Day trip to Delphi

The most popular day trip from Athens, Delphi was once considered the heart of Ancient Greece. Here, visitors could consult the oracle for advice about the future or make offerings to Apollo and Athena. It was also the site of numerous games, including the ancient Olympic Games and Pythian Games. I chose the easy option … Continue reading Day trip to Delphi

Aegina Island

Just a short ferry ride from Athens is the island of Aegina, famous for its pistachios, ancient temple, and beautiful scenery. I gave myself just half a day to enjoy the highlights of this island, although if you have more time a full day would be more relaxed and give you chances to explore further. … Continue reading Aegina Island

Acropolis Museum

This fantastic museum contains pottery, sculptures, and other artefacts found in and around the Acropolis site. They are accompanied by detailed information and labels (Greek and English only) to enable visitors to place the items in context. These artefacts in themselves make the museum worth visiting, enabling you to admire their details and artistry up … Continue reading Acropolis Museum

Athens: Changing of the Guard

Every hour at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Athens, the guard changes. While most of the time this is a straightforward affair, every Sunday at 11am they put on a more official/ tourist-y spectacle. I just got there in time to see the guards and marching band coming down the Main Street in front … Continue reading Athens: Changing of the Guard