A State Visit

During our time in Marrakesh, the King of Morocco paid a visit to the city. This was not something we were prepared for, and had some interesting impacts on our travel experience - both positive and negative. Here's a quick post about these... The positives Cleaning up the city We noticed several street sweepers and … Continue reading A State Visit


Dar Si Said

This museum of Moroccan arts, set in a palace very similar in style to the Bahia Palace although on a less impressive scale, exhibits photographs of the city over the ages as well as some fascinating artifacts. These include examples of traditional carpets, pottery, wooden carving and jewellery. The palace itself if fairly impressive, although … Continue reading Dar Si Said

Ben Youssef Medersa

A former Islamic college in the centre of Marrakesh, the Ben Youssef Medersa was built in the 14th century as an addition to the neighbouring Ben Youssef Mosque. As with many of the palaces and mosques we visited in Marrakesh, the architectural details and intricate wooden, marble and plaster carvings are spectacular.  The theological college, … Continue reading Ben Youssef Medersa

Museum of Marrakesh 

Our guidebook listed the museum of Marrakesh as a "must visit", but unfortunately I have to say it was a little disappointing. The museum is set in an impressive palace, the main attraction, with a similar architectural style and interior detailing as the Bahia Palace we also visited recently. The exhibits in the museum are … Continue reading Museum of Marrakesh 

Trekking the Atlas Mountains (Ourika Valley)

Just an hour or so drive from Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains are a lovely day trip for those who enjoy hiking. We organised our visit through our hotel, but it is perfectly possible to arrange for a taxi and guide independently too. There are several commonly visited spots, we chose to visit the "7 waterfalls" … Continue reading Trekking the Atlas Mountains (Ourika Valley)