The Monument of Asenevci and Sveta Gora Hill

Built in 1985 to celebrate 800 years after the rebellion of Asen and Peter, this monument dominates the landscape. Most of the old town curves around this bend of the river, focusing in on this particular spot - in fact, we had a great view from the restaurant where we stopped for dinner.The monument itself … Continue reading The Monument of Asenevci and Sveta Gora Hill


Tsarevets Fortress

The highlight of Veliko Tărnovo, Tsarevets Fortress is a huge medieval complex strategically set on top of a hill. It was the most important defensive complex in the Second Bulgarian Empire (at which point Veliko Tărnovo was the capital city), and also contained the patriarchal and royal places. The ruins were restored between 1930-1981.All visitors … Continue reading Tsarevets Fortress

Cathedral of the Nativity (Cathedral Rozhdestvo Bogorodichno)

One of the most spectacular churches we stumbled across in Veliko Tărnovo was this Cathedral of the Nativity, en route to the famous Tsarevets Fortress. Inside, the murals and iconostasis are particularly impressive, although I have to admit after seeing so many churches I was getting a little less overwhelmed by their decor. At night, … Continue reading Cathedral of the Nativity (Cathedral Rozhdestvo Bogorodichno)

Monument of Mother Bulgaria

As we were walking through the Bulgarian town of Veliko Tărnovo, we stumbled across this impressive monument, apparently a major landmark of the town. It is dedicated to those who died in four major wars - the Russo-Turkish, Serb-Bulgarian, Balkan, and First World Wars.  The statue kneeling on top of the pedestal is Mother Bulgaria, … Continue reading Monument of Mother Bulgaria