UK budget travel tips – getting around within a city

Last week, I shared my top tips on transport between UK cities, however once you've arrived at your destination what's the best way to get to your hostel? It may be tempting to just jump in the nearest taxi but there are some much cheaper alternatives out there! Buses All cities and towns have bus … Continue reading UK budget travel tips – getting around within a city

Winchester Christmas Market

Every year, the Winchester Christmas market opens to excited festive shoppers throughout December. There are hundreds of small stalls filling the cathedral grounds, selling everything from handbags and jewellery to art and food. Many items are handmade in the area and show off local artisan talent. Whatever your budget, you're sure to find the perfect … Continue reading Winchester Christmas Market

Being a tourist in Cambridge

A friend came up to visit me in Cambridge the other weekend, which was a great opportunity to spend a day doing all the touristy things students never otherwise find time to do in Cambridge...   Botanical Gardens The Botanical Gardens, conveniently located near the Cambridge Train Station and free for students, are a lovely … Continue reading Being a tourist in Cambridge