Guest Blogging

Global Graduates

Global Graduates (previously called Third year abroad) is a website bringing together students who have studies abroad to inspire and inform others about their experiences. They also provide information about popular study abroad programs, scholarships, insurance, travelling, etc. – so are an essential site to visit if you are interested in studying abroad.

For Global Graduates, so far I have written the following three articles:

Mole Diaries: Harbin – an article summarising important information and top tips for students planning to study abroad in Harbin, China

Why pick a city other than Beijing or Shanghai for your year abroad in China – drawing on from my experiences in Harbin and Shanghai, I discuss the advantages of picking somewhere further off the beaten track for your study abroad adventure

How to study abroad when your university offers no exchange programs or support – again using my experiences of applying to study abroad to help others in a similar situation


Over the years, I have written several blog posts about my studies at Cambridge.

For my college’s She Talks Science blog, I wrote about my experiences studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Also for my college, I guest blogged on their Instagram about the non-academic support offered by Murray Edwards College, such as their career program and travel grants.

After attending a conference organised by the university’s Environment and Energy section, I was interviewed for their Greenlines magazine.

Uni Baggage

As part of their campus promotion activities, Uni Baggage recruited several student bloggers to write fun, lighthearted articles about their university experiences. For me, this was the first time I had been paid to write blog posts – which was an interesting experience, finding that I had to both consider what I found interesting to write about and also what the company wanted (popular blog posts which would encourage students to ship their luggage home with them). You can view my guest blog posts here.

Guest blogging

I accept guest blog posts for this blog (both regular guest bloggers and one-offs) and am also keen to guest blog about relevant topics for other bloggers – just drop me a message.