Potalaka (Putuozongcheng) Temple

Built in 1771 AD, the Potalaka Temple is the largest of the eight outer temples of Chengde. It was intended as an imitation of the Potala Palace in Tibet, aiming to impress visiting Tibetans in order to encourage greater unification of the further regions China and appease minority groups. I really enjoyed the style of … Continue reading Potalaka (Putuozongcheng) Temple


Chengde – the Emperor’s Mountain Resort

Possible as a day or weekend trip from Beijing, Chengde's main attraction is the former mountain resort of the emperors. Built during the Qing dynasty, it is composed of a large imperial palace complex alongside administrative and religious buildings, set in extensive gardens around a beautiful lake. The main palace consists of a line of … Continue reading Chengde – the Emperor’s Mountain Resort

Pingyao Ancient Town

Around a days travel by train from Beijing (via Taiyuan, which I visited previously), Pingyao is a fantastically well preserved ancient walled town and well worth a visit. While the town is full of small sights and temples, actually the main attraction is just exploring and getting lost among its narrow streets. With that in … Continue reading Pingyao Ancient Town

Shuanglin Temple

A short bus ride from Pingyao Ancient Town, the Shuanglin Temple was one of the highlights of my visit. Located in Qiaotou town, it actually seems to be in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by beautiful scenery. I loved the ancient architecture, some of which dates back to 571 AD, as well as the … Continue reading Shuanglin Temple

Da Dong Peking Duck Restaurant

I an very much a sightseeing blogger not a food blogger, and have to admit to generally not taking many risks foodwise when travelling (nothing worse than travelers diarrhoea to ruin a holiday...). However, the one big meal out I did treat myself too was visiting a popular Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing. This was … Continue reading Da Dong Peking Duck Restaurant