Panathenaic Stadium

This incredible stadium stands at the birthplace of the (ancient and modern) Olympic Games and has been in use for hundreds of years, for standard athletics events and historically for Roman style gladiator tournaments. It's impressive structure is built entirely from Pentelic marble. We started by walking around the outside of the track, admiring the … Continue reading Panathenaic Stadium


Athens National Garden

We started out day with a quiet stroll through the National Garden.  Just outside the entrance to the park, we took a moment to appreciate the impressive Parliament building and a nearby square containing a pretty fountain. The garden itself contains not only the usual flower arrangements and beauty spots, but also a mini zoo … Continue reading Athens National Garden

Ancient Agora

We finished our first day in Athens by visiting the Ancient Agora, just North of the Acropolis.  Getting here involved a lovely walk through some cafes and past a few pretty sights - including the ruins of the Library of Paintainos and some interesting street art. Once we reached the entrance we spent around an … Continue reading Ancient Agora