Summer Plans Revealed!

I've been finalising up my summer plans, aaaaannnnd... (drum roll....) I'M RETURNING TO CHINA! 😀 After spending all of last year studying and interning there, I'm super keen to go back again to catch up with old friends, visit all the places I somehow never got round to visiting, and satisfy my craving for Chinese … Continue reading Summer Plans Revealed!

Shanghai – City God Temple (summer 2016)

This local Ming dynasty temple, commemorating the promotion of Shanghai to a municipality, worships the three city gods. It is conveniently located in the Yuyuan Bazaar area, near the famous Yuyuan Gardens, making it a great place to visit if you are pressed for time but want a taste of Chinese taoist culture. I spent … Continue reading Shanghai – City God Temple (summer 2016)

Shanghai – Yuyuan Gardens (summer 2016)

This Ming dynasty garden was modelled on those in Suzhou and is probably the most famous in Shanghai. The garden is split into six areas, each with their own atmosphere, style or layout. One continuous theme throughout however is the undulating dragon topped walls and tiles. I really loved the variety of different spaces in … Continue reading Shanghai – Yuyuan Gardens (summer 2016)

Harbin highlights – three day itinerary (winter)

Winter is undoubtably the best time to visit Harbin due to its world-famous ice and snow world festival, held each year and attracting thousands of tourists to admire the stunning sculptures and palaces of ice. However, unless you are travelling as part of an organised tour, most visitors don't know about some of the other … Continue reading Harbin highlights – three day itinerary (winter)