Datong – Yungang Grottos

After a disappointing day yesterday at the Hanging Monastery, we were determined to make the most of the other main sight in Datong - the Yungang Grottos. The Yungang Grottos near Datong are one of the three most famous Buddhist temple grottoes in China and a UNESCO world heritage site. The area consists of 53 … Continue reading Datong – Yungang Grottos


Datong – Hanging Monastery

Most guidebooks will list two must-see sights in Datong - the Yungang Grottos and the Hanging Monastery. We set off from our hostel this morning, first taking a local bus to the Datong Coach Station. From here, we took the bus to Hunyuan and intended to get local bus #8 to the monastery itself. However, … Continue reading Datong – Hanging Monastery