Shanghai – City God Temple (summer 2016)

This local Ming dynasty temple, commemorating the promotion of Shanghai to a municipality, worships the three city gods. It is conveniently located in the Yuyuan Bazaar area, near the famous Yuyuan Gardens, making it a great place to visit if you are pressed for time but want a taste of Chinese taoist culture. I spent … Continue reading Shanghai – City God Temple (summer 2016)

Shanghai – Yuyuan Gardens (summer 2016)

This Ming dynasty garden was modelled on those in Suzhou and is probably the most famous in Shanghai. The garden is split into six areas, each with their own atmosphere, style or layout. One continuous theme throughout however is the undulating dragon topped walls and tiles. I really loved the variety of different spaces in … Continue reading Shanghai – Yuyuan Gardens (summer 2016)

Wuxi – Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot

Today, my roommate and I got up super early to catch a train from Shanghai to Wuxi, then a bus to the Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot. Coming from a buddhist background, she hoped to wish for good grades and prosperity - but invited me to come along to experience what she aptly described as a … Continue reading Wuxi – Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot

An evening out in Shanghai with friends

Today it was one of the other intern's birthdays and so we decided to have a relaxed get-together in the evening then investigate the famous Shanghai nightlife. Scrapping plans for a full-on BBQ, instead we resorted to buying one of those disposable ones and attempting to melt marshmallows over it in order to make S'mores, with … Continue reading An evening out in Shanghai with friends

Sushi on West Nanjing Road

After spending an enjoyable afternoon visiting a park and cafe street, my roommate and I decided we would explore the culinary delights of central Shanghai. We hopped on the metro to West Nanjing Road where many restaurants and small eateries are. After a bit of exploring, we settled on a small sushi restaurant. This was … Continue reading Sushi on West Nanjing Road

Shanghai – Lu Xun Memorial Park

This park in Shanghai is dedicated to the writer Lu Xun, whose works greatly influenced communist leaders such as Mao Zedong. While I only wandered through one section of the park, elsewhere there is also a small amusement park and other themed areas. There was a surprisingly large amount of people in the open square areas, … Continue reading Shanghai – Lu Xun Memorial Park

Shanghai – Duo Lun Street

After having a wander through the Lu Xun Memorial Park, we continued on to the nearby Duo Lun Street - famous for its cute cafes and art galleries. Several famous writers and political or military leaders have lived here over the ages, including Lu Xun, Mao Dun and Tang Enbo. I have to admit, I'm … Continue reading Shanghai – Duo Lun Street