Da Dong Peking Duck Restaurant

I an very much a sightseeing blogger not a food blogger, and have to admit to generally not taking many risks foodwise when travelling (nothing worse than travelers diarrhoea to ruin a holiday...). However, the one big meal out I did treat myself too was visiting a popular Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing. This was … Continue reading Da Dong Peking Duck Restaurant


Mosaic Wanke Mall

After exploring the beautiful Sheng'en Temple, we headed into Changping itself for an evening at the mall.After browsing the shops for a short while, we stopped for dinner at an Italian style restaurant called Babela's Kitchen. The food was pretty decent - although rather awkwardly they didn't bring one of our friend's main course out … Continue reading Mosaic Wanke Mall

Sushi on West Nanjing Road

After spending an enjoyable afternoon visiting a park and cafe street, my roommate and I decided we would explore the culinary delights of central Shanghai. We hopped on the metro to West Nanjing Road where many restaurants and small eateries are. After a bit of exploring, we settled on a small sushi restaurant. This was … Continue reading Sushi on West Nanjing Road

Nanjing – Fuzimiao Cultural Street

This lovely (albeit rather tacky) shopping street really comes alive at night, with bright lights illuminating the old-style buildings, boats floating along the river, and even an impressive dance performance. It was, however, absolutely packed - this seems to be the place in Nanjing to come and enjoy local snacks, celebrate Chinese culture and buy … Continue reading Nanjing – Fuzimiao Cultural Street