Sledgehammer Peak National Forest Park Scenic Area

After spending half an hour or so exploring the lovely Pule Temple, we walked up the path behind it into the Sledgehammer Peak Scenic Area. This is essentially a large, forest-covered hill with an unusually shaped rock at the top, apparently a great spot to enjoy the sunset. There is apparently a cable car to … Continue reading Sledgehammer Peak National Forest Park Scenic Area


Juyongguan Great Wall

This highly restored section of the Great Wall is popular with tour groups, probably due to its close proximity to Beijing. It forms a circular route in and around a ravine, with beautiful scenery on all sides.I chose to walk the western half of the route, which seemed to be much less popular (and hence … Continue reading Juyongguan Great Wall

Nebet Tepe Archeological Complex

First built on in the pre-Roman era, this hilltop contains the ruins of a ancient settlement with spectacular views over the city. The remains of Bronze and Iron Age ritual pits and alters found here indicate that Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in the world, with over 2600 years of history. These are … Continue reading Nebet Tepe Archeological Complex

Hiking to the Boyana waterfall

From the Boyana church, we continued walking uphill and joined the path leading towards the Boyana waterfall.  The route initially meandered through gentle woodland, but very rapidly became a LOT steeper. At this point there was the choice between the easy or challenging routes, but even the "easy" one was very hard going. I'd really … Continue reading Hiking to the Boyana waterfall

Trekking the Atlas Mountains (Ourika Valley)

Just an hour or so drive from Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains are a lovely day trip for those who enjoy hiking. We organised our visit through our hotel, but it is perfectly possible to arrange for a taxi and guide independently too. There are several commonly visited spots, we chose to visit the "7 waterfalls" … Continue reading Trekking the Atlas Mountains (Ourika Valley)

Terelj National Park and Ariabal Monastery

The Terelj National Park is one of the most popular in Mongolia, famous for its rock formations and beautiful landscapes. I started the day wandering around the ger camp where we had just spent the night, soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the scene. Next, we headed out to explore, starting with the famous Turtle … Continue reading Terelj National Park and Ariabal Monastery