Pingyao Ancient Town

Around a days travel by train from Beijing (via Taiyuan, which I visited previously), Pingyao is a fantastically well preserved ancient walled town and well worth a visit. While the town is full of small sights and temples, actually the main attraction is just exploring and getting lost among its narrow streets. With that in … Continue reading Pingyao Ancient Town


Hebei Provincial Museum

Located in the centre of Shijiazhuang (the provincial capital), this fantastic museum has to be one of the best I've visited in China. The building itself is huge, and there were so many exhibitions I had to go on no less than three separate occasions to see everything of interest, and even then I hadn't … Continue reading Hebei Provincial Museum

Shanxi Provincial Museum

This museum is perplexingly huge - just to get inside we had to walk up several flights of stairs and around the outside, a route that took several minutes to walk. Inside however, it seemed mostly empty space - with large empty hallways and stairwells. That weird emptiness aside, there was certainly a lot of … Continue reading Shanxi Provincial Museum

National Archeological Museum

Returning to Sofia for our flight back to the UK, we had a couple of hours spare to explore the National Archeological Museum of Bulgaria. This former Ottoman mosque now houses an interesting range of exhibits from around Bulgaria, spread across five halls.We started in the central hall, which contains items from ancient Thrace, Greece … Continue reading National Archeological Museum

Sofia History Museum

Located just next to the Banya Bashi Mosque, this fantastic museum is located in the beautiful former baths building. We visited for about an hour, exploring the wide range of exhibits - from traditional costumes to an interesting exhibition on Queen Victoria's visit. There were detailed English descriptions throughout and I really loved how they … Continue reading Sofia History Museum