Acropolis Museum

This fantastic museum contains pottery, sculptures, and other artefacts found in and around the Acropolis site. They are accompanied by detailed information and labels (Greek and English only) to enable visitors to place the items in context. These artefacts in themselves make the museum worth visiting, enabling you to admire their details and artistry up … Continue reading Acropolis Museum

Dar Si Said

This museum of Moroccan arts, set in a palace very similar in style to the Bahia Palace although on a less impressive scale, exhibits photographs of the city over the ages as well as some fascinating artifacts. These include examples of traditional carpets, pottery, wooden carving and jewellery. The palace itself if fairly impressive, although … Continue reading Dar Si Said

Museum of Marrakesh 

Our guidebook listed the museum of Marrakesh as a "must visit", but unfortunately I have to say it was a little disappointing. The museum is set in an impressive palace, the main attraction, with a similar architectural style and interior detailing as the Bahia Palace we also visited recently. The exhibits in the museum are … Continue reading Museum of Marrakesh 

National Museum of Mongolia

The National Museum of Mongolia, located just next to the Chinggis Khan Square, contains a wide variety of artefacts from ancient and modern Mongolian culture. I only spent an hour exploring the museum, which is spread over three floors and contains everything from ancient weapons and jewellery to Mongolian horse riding equipment. My favourite section … Continue reading National Museum of Mongolia

Beijing – Soong Chingling Residence

Often praised in China as the "Mother of the Nation", Soong Chingling was one of the most significant women of 20th century China. As the wife of Sun Yat-Sen, she worked extensively with women and children and was a pivotal figure of the Chinese revolution. While the actual residence itself (previously belonging to Prince Chun … Continue reading Beijing – Soong Chingling Residence

Suzhou -Silk Museum

Silk is traditionally one of Suzhou's most famous exports, with a history of silk manufacture over 1000 years old. This museum includes information on the history and process of silk making, from growing silk worms all the way through to producing beautiful final products. Of particular interest to me was the silk weaving workshop, where … Continue reading Suzhou -Silk Museum

Shanghai Museum

Located in central Shanghai, the Shanghai Museum contains a huge range of exhibits on Chinese modern and traditional culture. The museum is so large it is spread over multiple floors and would take several hours to explore thoroughly. My favourite sections of the museum have to be those on traditional clothing (so many bright colours!) … Continue reading Shanghai Museum