Where the Great Wall meets the sea

Top of every traveller to China's bucket list is the Great Wall, and it evokes such strong emotions as you learn about the history, battles (actually not so many of those as it turns out...) and decline of this amazing feat of human engineering. There are various popular sites to visit the wall, from Badaling … Continue reading Where the Great Wall meets the sea


Lama Temple

Apparently the centre of Tibetan Buddhism in Beijing, the Lama Temple is a popular tourist sight and one that's been on my to-visit list for years.Inside, we passed through several temple halls and courtyards, each with the usual incense burners and Buddhas.There were also Chinese style bell and drum towers.Inside, the Buddhas were particularly golden … Continue reading Lama Temple

St Alexandar Nevsky Cathedral 

The main landmark of Sofia, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is definitely a must-see. The exterior is amazing with gorgeous domes, marble walls and even incredibly detailed doors. Inside was no less spectacular, with plenty of golden detailing and beautiful murals. Although it is an active Bulgarian Orthodox Church, respectful visitors are welcome to look around … Continue reading St Alexandar Nevsky Cathedral 

Beijing – Temple of Heaven (天坛)

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing sits in the centre of a beautiful park in the Southeast of Beijing and makes a lovely afternoon stroll. The central Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is the main, and oldest, attraction, a spectacular wooden triple-gabled circular building with important symbolic architectural features from the Ming dynasty. Its … Continue reading Beijing – Temple of Heaven (天坛)