Chinggis (Genghis) Khan Statue

Located a short drive from Ulaanbaatar, the Chinggis Khan statue is one of the most famous landmarks of Mongolia. We paid a short visit on the way back to the capital at the end of a three day tour of the nearby national parks. The first thing we noticed was just how HUGE it is … Continue reading Chinggis (Genghis) Khan Statue


Terelj National Park and Ariabal Monastery

The Terelj National Park is one of the most popular in Mongolia, famous for its rock formations and beautiful landscapes. I started the day wandering around the ger camp where we had just spent the night, soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the scene. Next, we headed out to explore, starting with the famous Turtle … Continue reading Terelj National Park and Ariabal Monastery

Khustai National Park

After spending the night at the Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes, we continued on in our rickety van to the Khustai National Park, famous for it's wild horses. The national park itself is huge, and we didn't have time to explore it all. Instead, we drove through to a popular walking spot and set off to … Continue reading Khustai National Park

Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes

Having spend a couple of days exploring the highlights of Ulaanbaatar, I joined a small tour group to explore the national parks near to Mongolia's capital. Our first day was mostly spent travelling, arriving at the Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes in the late afternoon. Our tour bus was a rather rickety and slightly uncomfortable van … Continue reading Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes