Lianhuahu Park (Lotus flower lake Park)

This peaceful park located to the south of Shanhaiguan makes a lovely afternoon walk. It is centred around a large lake, with picturesque bridges across it. When I visited, several families were enjoying themselves peddling small boats around the lake - it's clearly a popular spot for locals to relax with friends. The rest of … Continue reading Lianhuahu Park (Lotus flower lake Park)


Sledgehammer Peak National Forest Park Scenic Area

After spending half an hour or so exploring the lovely Pule Temple, we walked up the path behind it into the Sledgehammer Peak Scenic Area. This is essentially a large, forest-covered hill with an unusually shaped rock at the top, apparently a great spot to enjoy the sunset. There is apparently a cable car to … Continue reading Sledgehammer Peak National Forest Park Scenic Area

Chengde – the Emperor’s Mountain Resort

Possible as a day or weekend trip from Beijing, Chengde's main attraction is the former mountain resort of the emperors. Built during the Qing dynasty, it is composed of a large imperial palace complex alongside administrative and religious buildings, set in extensive gardens around a beautiful lake. The main palace consists of a line of … Continue reading Chengde – the Emperor’s Mountain Resort

Beijing Old City Wall

Like many Chinese cities, Beijing was once protected by a city wall. Time and development however have destroyed most of it, but there is a small remaining section in a small park by the Beijing Railway Station. While the park itself is free to wander around and admire the remains of the wall, you can … Continue reading Beijing Old City Wall

Beihai Park

One of the largest parks in Beijing's city centre, Beihai Park is a popular local hangout and tourist spot. It was established in the Jin Dynasty as an Imperial Palace - used for relaxing, handling important government affairs and sacrificing for the emperors.The park surrounds a large lake, on which visitors can explore a small … Continue reading Beihai Park