Tsarevets Fortress

The highlight of Veliko Tărnovo, Tsarevets Fortress is a huge medieval complex strategically set on top of a hill. It was the most important defensive complex in the Second Bulgarian Empire (at which point Veliko Tărnovo was the capital city), and also contained the patriarchal and royal places. The ruins were restored between 1930-1981.All visitors … Continue reading Tsarevets Fortress


South Round Tower

Despite its dull sounding name, these Tower remains date back to the 3rd century, when it was part of the ancient fortress wall protecting the city of Philippopolis. Once this tall tower was key for the defence of the city, where guards would watch out for intruders or other threats. The area surrounding this small … Continue reading South Round Tower

Roman Amphitheater 

Built in the 2nd century AD, in the reign of the Emperor Trajan, this spectacular amphitheatre is a must-see sight in Plovdiv.  I was surprised to hear that the amphitheater was only discovered due to a freak landslide in 1972 revealing its remains. It has since been restored and is used to host music and … Continue reading Roman Amphitheater 

Nebet Tepe Archeological Complex

First built on in the pre-Roman era, this hilltop contains the ruins of a ancient settlement with spectacular views over the city. The remains of Bronze and Iron Age ritual pits and alters found here indicate that Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in the world, with over 2600 years of history. These are … Continue reading Nebet Tepe Archeological Complex

Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis

Located under the main pedestrian street of modern Plovdiv, the northern tip of this stadium is revealed at Dzhumaya Square. It was built in the early 2nd century AD and could hold up to 30,000 spectators on its marble seats. We first admired the view of the stadium from above, taking advantage of the glass … Continue reading Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis

Ancient Serdica Archeological Complex

Only discovered in 2010 during the construction of a new subway, these archeological remains of the former Roman city are fascinating to wander through - although much still remains closed to the public. The complex consists of eight streets, an early Christian basilica, public thermal baths, six large buildings and a late medieval church. Visitors … Continue reading Ancient Serdica Archeological Complex