Beijing Science Museum

I usually love science museums, recently visiting the one in London for what must be the tenth time. The Beijing Science Museum was for me unfortunately a bit of a let down though, for several reasons.The museum covers a broad range of topics, with exhibitions on everything from space to green energy. Herein though for … Continue reading Beijing Science Museum


Estimating the extent of dementia in the population

As part of a series of lectures on medical statistics, Emmanuel College hosted a talk by Fiona Mathews about her research into estimating the extent of dementia in the UK population. I have an interest in recently developments in medical research and encouraged by a friend decided to go along to find out what it was … Continue reading Estimating the extent of dementia in the population

Science Film Night

Trinity College Science Society regularly organised talks and science themed events for anyone (including non-students) to attend, usually for free. Today I went along to one of their more relaxed events - a film night to watch "the man who knew infinity", a film about the famous mathematician S Ramanujan - who was in fact … Continue reading Science Film Night

Shanghai – Agilent Technologies company visit

As part as my internship at Shanghai Jiaotong University, today I went with my lab to visit an international company called Agilent Technologies. They produce a wide range of analytical instruments and software, and the lab we visited particularly specialised in protein analytics. They have some super cool equipment, apparently one of the best research labs … Continue reading Shanghai – Agilent Technologies company visit

Shanghai – Science and Technology Museum

The Shanghai Science Museum is absolutely huge and filled with all kinds of interesting exhibits and activities. You could easily spend the best part of a day here, particularly with kids - and even for those of us a bit older it will bring out the inner child in you! The museum is split into … Continue reading Shanghai – Science and Technology Museum