Pingyao Ancient Town

Around a days travel by train from Beijing (via Taiyuan, which I visited previously), Pingyao is a fantastically well preserved ancient walled town and well worth a visit. While the town is full of small sights and temples, actually the main attraction is just exploring and getting lost among its narrow streets. With that in … Continue reading Pingyao Ancient Town


Mosaic Wanke Mall

After exploring the beautiful Sheng'en Temple, we headed into Changping itself for an evening at the mall.After browsing the shops for a short while, we stopped for dinner at an Italian style restaurant called Babela's Kitchen. The food was pretty decent - although rather awkwardly they didn't bring one of our friend's main course out … Continue reading Mosaic Wanke Mall

Zhengding Night Market

In front of the International Commodities Market every evening local street sellers gather with their carts, gazebos or picnic blankets of goods for the Zhengding Night Market. Literally everything seemed to be on sale here, from clothes to kids toys and, of course, delicious street food. Wandering around I managed to buy a fake Adidas … Continue reading Zhengding Night Market

Zhengding International Market

In search of snacks, pens and stickers, we headed to the Zhengding International Market, which is essentially a large shopping centre on the edge of town. Despite its name, there didn't seem to be anything particularly international about the shopping centre, instead it consisted of various shops selling anything from Chinese paintings to car seats … Continue reading Zhengding International Market

Marrakesh Markets

The souqs (markets) of Marrakesh are one of the main tourist attractions, selling local artisan craftwork such as leather bags, metal lanterns and paintings. One of the best times to explore the central square and its surrounding markets is in the evening, when street performers entertain visitors and there are many vendors selling snacks. If … Continue reading Marrakesh Markets

Winchester Christmas Market

Every year, the Winchester Christmas market opens to excited festive shoppers throughout December. There are hundreds of small stalls filling the cathedral grounds, selling everything from handbags and jewellery to art and food. Many items are handmade in the area and show off local artisan talent. Whatever your budget, you're sure to find the perfect … Continue reading Winchester Christmas Market

Shanghai – Duo Lun Street

After having a wander through the Lu Xun Memorial Park, we continued on to the nearby Duo Lun Street - famous for its cute cafes and art galleries. Several famous writers and political or military leaders have lived here over the ages, including Lu Xun, Mao Dun and Tang Enbo. I have to admit, I'm … Continue reading Shanghai – Duo Lun Street