Athens – concluding remarks

I've just returned back from four days based in Athens, Greece, and thought I'd share my thoughts and top tips on the city. Initial Impressions I have to admit, initially I felt that Athens seemed like a standard European city but a bit grubby around the edges. Aside from the archeological sights and museums, there … Continue reading Athens – concluding remarks


Harbin highlights – three day itinerary (winter)

Winter is undoubtably the best time to visit Harbin due to its world-famous ice and snow world festival, held each year and attracting thousands of tourists to admire the stunning sculptures and palaces of ice. However, unless you are travelling as part of an organised tour, most visitors don't know about some of the other … Continue reading Harbin highlights – three day itinerary (winter)

UK budget travel tips – getting around within a city

Last week, I shared my top tips on transport between UK cities, however once you've arrived at your destination what's the best way to get to your hostel? It may be tempting to just jump in the nearest taxi but there are some much cheaper alternatives out there! Buses All cities and towns have bus … Continue reading UK budget travel tips – getting around within a city