Peking University

The most famous university in China, Peking University (known locally as Beida) has a really beautiful campus which was lovely to visit. We went as part of a school trip with the summer school I've been volunteering with.The most beautiful part of the campus has to be the lake and pagoda scene. I also loved … Continue reading Peking University


Being a tourist in Cambridge

A friend came up to visit me in Cambridge the other weekend, which was a great opportunity to spend a day doing all the touristy things students never otherwise find time to do in Cambridge...   Botanical Gardens The Botanical Gardens, conveniently located near the Cambridge Train Station and free for students, are a lovely … Continue reading Being a tourist in Cambridge

Oxbridge Summer Camps Abroad (OSCA)

On Wednesday I attended an information evening about Oxbridge Summer Camps Abroad, an international volunteering program where students from Oxford and Cambridge go to Beijing, Hong Kong or Japan to teach English for around one month in the summer vacation. Having recently completed my year abroad in China, this sounded like an interesting opportunity to … Continue reading Oxbridge Summer Camps Abroad (OSCA)

Estimating the extent of dementia in the population

As part of a series of lectures on medical statistics, Emmanuel College hosted a talk by Fiona Mathews about her research into estimating the extent of dementia in the UK population. I have an interest in recently developments in medical research and encouraged by a friend decided to go along to find out what it was … Continue reading Estimating the extent of dementia in the population

Keeping up language skills after a year abroad

During my year abroad, I studied Chinese for 20 hours a week at the university as well as being fully immersed in the language every day. However, having recently returned back to the UK to continue studying for my Chemistry degree, I am no longer in such a perfect environment to nurture my language skills. … Continue reading Keeping up language skills after a year abroad